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Receiving a biannual dental exam from Donahue Dental is one of the best things you can do for your oral health. Our dental experts suggest you schedule an appointment with us every six months to renew your latest oral exams, x-rays, and evaluations and to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Routine dental exams are among the most important components of preventative oral care that will keep your teeth healthy and beautiful for years to come. Here at Donahue Dental in St. Charles, we are proud to offer comprehensive general dentistry services that aim to help you care for your teeth and mouth in our office and beyond. We want you to leave our care feeling more confident about your smile and at peace with your oral health. Learn more about our dental exam procedures and contact us today to schedule your appointment!

What to Expect During Your Dental Exam

Your dental exam consists of a comprehensive evaluation that accompanies a cleaning. Each Dental Examination in St. Charles, MO
dental exam completed at Donahue Dental consists of three components: teeth cleaning, visual examination, and dental x-rays. Learn more about each below:

Teeth cleaning: Of course, you should always brush your teeth twice a day and floss once daily, but even the most superb at-home oral hygiene habits can’t compare to the superior sparkle achieved by professional cleaning. Our team of dental experts carefully cleans each tooth with top-of-the-line tools to remove any plaque or tartar you missed with your toothbrush at home.

Visual examination: The visual examination is especially important for your preventative oral care. We use this process to identify any cavities, periodontal disease, or jaw and bite problems in the making. This inspection can also help us recognize the early signs of oral cancer so we can combat them before they progress.

Dental x-rays: Depending on your dental history, you may not have to undergo dental x-rays at every biannual checkup. These X-rays also help us detect cavities and other teeth- and jaw-related issues. The images are used to prevent tooth decay and shifts in tooth placement, so we have a full picture of the structure of your mouth.

Always a Biannual Affair

It is of the utmost importance that you return for your regular dental exam every six months. Because you cannot completely prevent tooth decay using your at-home oral hygiene routine, coming in for regular cleanings and exams can stop plaque and tartar buildup and even tooth loss. Even more pressing, we design our oral exams to identify the early warning signs of oral cancer and other mouth-related illnesses and diseases. If you skip your biannual appointment and symptoms have presented themselves, you may not catch them until serious damage has already been done. If you come in for your regular, twice-yearly exams, you will drastically decrease your chances of suffering longer from the pains afflicting your oral health.

Breathe Easier with the Benefits of Regular Dental Exams

It is essential to respect the relationship between your mouth and your overall well-being. Healthy living starts with your oral health. Thankfully, most insurance companies recognize this to be true, as well. Under many plans, your biannual dental exams and cleanings will be covered, so you can prioritize your oral health without blowing your budget. Prioritize the health of your mouth and the radiance of your smile with the help of our dental experts.

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Take the next step toward a healthier you. Schedule your next biannual dental exam with Donahue Dental today! Our dentists will happily help you establish an optimal dental routine so you can keep your teeth feeling fresh and clean in between appointments. Contact us today to book a slot for your next dental exam. We want you to leave our office with a more confident smile.

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