Partial Dentures 

Complete Your Smile with Partial Dentures from Donahue Dental

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, let the experts at Donahue Dental fit you for partial dentures. Missing teeth can cause numerous problems, including facial structure issues, low confidence, and an inability to chew or speak properly. Our team can help you resolve all of these concerns and more with custom-made partial dentures that will improve the appearance and functionality of your mouth. These dental apparatuses can also improve your oral and overall health. Call us today to schedule a consultation at our office. We will discuss your options and explain how partial dentures can help you smile freely and confidently.

Reasons for Using Partial Dentures

The most obvious reason for using partial dentures is to improve one’s appearance. Having a gap makes people hesitant to smile in pictures, laugh in public, or participate in social activities. A partial denture can remove the self-esteem issues that accompany missing teeth. The tooth replacement option can also make chewing and speaking easier for wearers. But, arguably most importantly, partial dentures can improve patients’ oral and overall health. If an individual has a gap where teeth should be, his or her jaw bone will begin to atrophy and other teeth can shift, ultimately affecting bite and facial structure. A partial denture will serve as a placeholder that disallows tooth movement, keeping other teeth where they should be and reducing the risk of decay.

Understanding Partial Dentures and Their Components

A partial denture comprises replacement teeth that are attached to gum-colored plastic bases. Each partial denture is created specifically for its wearer, designed to match the color and shape of his or her mouth. Some partial dentures include metal frameworks and clasps that connect to neighboring teeth, while others have connectors with a more natural-looking appearance. Precision attachments are more aesthetically pleasing than metal clasps and are used to attach the denture to natural teeth. Partial dentures may also include crowns for nearby natural teeth that help improve the fit and security of the unit. The advantages of partial dentures include the relative ease of removal when necessary or for cleaning.

Donahue Dental Will Fit You for Partial Dentures

A visit to our office can help you achieve the smile you desire with tailor-made partial dentures designed by a team of specialists. Donahue Dental will examine your mouth’s condition and the health of your remaining natural teeth to determine the best course of action. We specialize in tooth replacement options, so you can rest assured that we will devise a plan that is ideal for you. We can take an impression of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit for your partial dentures and provide options for their composition that are both appealing and comfortable. Regardless of your partial dentures’ makeup, you will not have to worry about their support because they are created specifically for your oral features.

What to Expect from Partial Dentures in St. Charles, MO

Despite your partial dentures being shaped for your mouth, there will be some awkwardness in the beginning. Because you are unaccustomed to having such an apparatus in your mouth, it may seem bulky or obtrusive, but that feeling will pass shortly. You may also experience difficulty inserting and removing the piece, but you will quickly become comfortable doing so. We will work with you to ensure your comfort level with your partial dentures and help you understand how long they should be worn and when to remove them. In the beginning, we will likely ask you to wear them for extended periods. Although this may be a bit uncomfortable, it will help us identify any areas that need to be adjusted.

Ways to Care for Your Partial Dentures from Donahue Dental

Our team can suggest brushes and cleansers that are made for partial dentures. The ideal brushes have bristles arranged to fit your dentures’ shape, but a soft-bristled toothbrush can also work. It is critical to brush your partial dentures every day to eliminate food deposits and plaque, ultimately keeping them from staining. After brushing, be sure to soak your dentures in a cleaning solution, which will help freshen and disinfect them. Additionally, keeping them moist will help them maintain their shape. If there are any stubborn stains that you cannot remove with gentle brushing, feel free to bring them to the office for professional cleaning. We can also adjust them if necessary.

Contact Donahue Dental for Your Partial Dentures Today

If you have missing teeth, do not ignore the problem. Dental gaps can have long-term negative effects on your health. Donahue Dental can provide partial dentures to help improve your appearance and halt the associated problems that missing teeth can present. Our team is happy to design partial dentures to fit your mouth and help you become comfortable with wearing them. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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