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If a missing tooth has left your smile incomplete, count on the professional team at Donahue Dental in St. Charles, MO for tooth replacement services. We understand how detrimental missing teeth can be to one’s daily life. A single missing tooth may make it difficult to chew thoroughly, speak clearly, or smile freely. But you have options to remedy the situation. Advances in dental technology and expertise have led to the development of reliable dental implants that can replace your missing teeth. Let our experts explain what options are available to you as well as the benefits and procedures affiliated with each. Do not shy away from the camera or avoid social gatherings due to embarrassment from a missing tooth. Call us today to determine if you are a candidate for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants Are Permanent Tooth Replacement Solutions

Traditional methods to replace a tooth relied on artificial teeth known as flippers that were held in place by acrylic. While these accomplished the goal of filling the space where a real tooth once was, flippers required maintenance and readjustments over time. Additionally, they were prone to moving around in users’ mouths, which made it challenging to eat some types of foods. However, Donahue Dental is proud to offer dental implants for tooth replacement even when only one tooth is missing. Dental implants comprise small titanium rods that our dental surgeon can insert into your jawbone, an abutment, and a crown attached to the abutment.

Dental Implants Offer A Wide Range of Benefits

After our team places the titanium rods into your jaw, they will fuse with the bone to provide a sturdy, permanent tooth replacement foundation. After attaching the abutment and crown, your beautiful smile will be restored. No one will be able to tell the difference between your false teeth and natural teeth. Dental implants benefits include:

Tooth Replacement in St. Charles by Donahue Dental

  • Permanence – Instead of the tedious care and maintenance associated with removable dentures, dental implants for single teeth do not require daily removal or overnight soaking. You can treat them just like your natural teeth.
  • Comfort – As opposed to dentures, which put pressure on your gums and restrict blood flow, dental implants mold to your mouth for comfort. Additionally, they will never shift, meaning no associated sores or pain.
  • Appearance – We can make your dental implants look completely natural, matching the color of your existing teeth while also ensuring your tissue forms around the ceramic crowns.
  • Health – If you have a missing tooth, your jawbone will resorb and affect your overall oral health. However, dental implants mimic your natural tooth roots and help maintain jaw strength.
  • Improved function – Just as important as being proud of your smile, you want to be able to eat and speak confidently. Dental implants will allow you to do both.

Understanding the Dental Implant Procedure

Before we perform any type of oral surgery, our dental staff will consult with you about the operation. During this consultation, we will perform an oral exam of your remaining teeth and gums to evaluate their health. We will also use X-rays to assess the strength of your jawbone. The existing bone mass must be able to support the implants, so X-rays can help us plan their placement. For the ensuing procedure, we will administer an anesthetic to ensure your comfort. During surgery, we will remove your irreparable tooth if necessary, make carefully calculated incisions, and place the titanium rods by drilling into your jawbone. While you heal and the rods fuse to the bone, you will have temporary teeth, which we place after closing the incisions.

It may take several months to heal following dental implant surgery, during which time you will need to strictly adhere to the post-surgery instructions we will provide for you. They will include eating soft foods, exercising care near the surgical sites, and visiting us to monitor progress. Once your mouth has healed, we will schedule another appointment to place abutments on each implant. Next, we will take impressions so we can create your permanent dental implants at a lab. The last step will be a final visit so that our professionals can check the fit and place your teeth permanently.

Determining Your Candidacy for Dental Implants

Most individuals who have a missing tooth are candidates for dental implant surgery. Set up an appointment with our team to go over your candidacy if you need a permanent tooth replacement solution. We will evaluate your oral health, the bone structure of your mouth, and your gum tissue to devise a plan. Heavy drinkers and smokers – as well as people taking certain prescription medications – may have some complications. However, we are happy to discuss your options if you fall into one of those categories.

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Dr. Donahue is a licensed prosthodontist, so you can rest assured he will provide exceptional oral health care.  We recognize the stress, embarrassment, and hardships that may accompany a missing tooth. But such inconveniences do not have to be everlasting.  We will gladly discuss with you the procedure, its benefits, and whether you are a candidate. Do not be ashamed to smile or afraid to eat in public. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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